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Marine Depositional Systems of the Western Irish Namurian Basin (Kilkee)

Deep-water Depositional Systems of the Taranaki Basin (New Plymouth)

Know your reservoir.

Basin Dynamics provides innovative geoscience and reservoir characterization solutions dedicated to the global oil and gas industry to quantify geologic risk and associated uncertainty.  The company's core strengths enable operators to replace traditional reservoir description with high resolution data derived from advanced knowledge in reservoir architecture, process sedimentology, depositional systems, and sedimentary basins.  ​​​​

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Marine Depositional Systems of Southeast France (Annot)

Global geoscience solutions

Deep-water Clastic Reservoirs (5-day course)​

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​Are you a student interested in learning how sedimentary basins form, and what fills them?  Consider joining one our field mapping courses in California in New Zealand with the Black Hills Natural Sciences Field Station.

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Annot Sandstone

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Specializing in clastic reservoirs at a variety of scales.

Jon R. Rotzien is President of Basin Dynamics, a consulting and exploration company based in Houston, Texas.  He specializes in reservoir presence and quality forecasting in conventional and unconventional drilling programs.  Rotzien received a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences from Stanford University and a B.A. degree in Geology from Colorado College

New Zealand Field Camp

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Deep-water Depositional Systems of Northern California (Palo Alto, Monterey, Coalinga)

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Basin Dynamics was formed to fill a niche in the area of understanding process sedimentology and reservoir architecture in deep-water depositional systems from deltaic environments to basin floor.  The company pioneers methods and services to reduce uncertainty pertaining to some of the main risks in oil & gas drilling.  Basin Dynamics offers interpretation services for the global oil and gas industry, leads training courses for industry professionals, and participates in North American exploration and exploitation drilling programs.

Observation is key.

For years, coarse-scale stratigraphic observation has been sufficient to address industry challenges – especially in deep-water reservoirs.  In E&P drilling today, the specificity of the detailed questions requires higher resolution data.  Basin Dynamics has created multiple platforms to help you quickly, accurately, and precisely characterize and quantify your reservoir.  We want to help you add value by improving your subsurface characterization, reservoir models, and well placement.

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