Basin Dynamics provides innovative geoscience and reservoir characterization solutions dedicated to the oil and gas industry to quantify geologic risk and uncertainty.  The company's core strengths enable operators to replace traditional reservoir description with high resolution data derived from advanced knowledge of reservoir architecture, process sedimentology, depositional systems and sedimentary basins.



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Highly-acclaimed power-course.

100th annual AAPG convention & OTC - Houston 

American Association of Petroleum Geologists Education Blog 

“I have never been impressed with a geological talk the way I was impressed with Jon's: clear, sharp, with lots of facts, and entertaining.”

Third Annual geoscience symposium - Odessa 

Global Scientific Advisor

Jon's course covered leading edge concepts.

67th annual gcags convention - san antonio 

Exploration Geoscientist

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Why deepwater?

Charles A. Sternbach

Jon rotzien 

President & Owner

Mr. Rotzien established Basin Dynamics in 2015 to provide business consulting for the global oil and gas industry.  Basin Dynamics provides solutions to a wide range of upstream E&P challenges.  Jon's expertise is deep-water sediment transport and deposition as it pertains to the exploration, appraisal and production of oil and natural gas. He is winner of the GCSSEPM Distinguished Service Award (2018) and co-founder of the Houston Explorers Club. CV here.

See the new books on Deepwater Systems and Exploration Leadership.

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